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At Westralia Car Care, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work we produce by using premium quality parts and oils that come with manufacturer’s warranty. We strive to make sure our workmanship is to the highest standard at all times.


At Westralia Car Care, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle on the road and having as little down time as possible which is why we have worked hard to become one of the most dependable mechanical workshops in Perth.


Westralia Car Care has been operating since 2012. We have built our reputation on honesty and reliability when it comes to your vehicles servicing and repairs. We are extremely passionate about customer service and we are always focused on giving you the best experience possible.

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At Westralia Car Care, we cater for all aspects of car service and repairs to all makes and models. We have you covered with all vehicles from small cars to large 4WDs and Vans. Collectively we have over 70 years of experience within our team which includes years of manufacturer level training with well-known brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Holden, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes and BMW.


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We use state of the art Diagnostic Equipment backed with Fully Trained Technicians.

We provide all of this so that you have the best experience possible when having your car serviced or repaired by Westralia Car Care.

Yes, it is recommeneded to service your car before a long trip or as a minimum get a full inspection. Regular servicing helps ensure that your vehicle is in optimal condition, reducing the risk of breakdowns during the journey. A service or thorough inspection can identify and address any potential issues ensuring a smoother, safer and uninterrupted travel experience.

A strong odour from your car’s air conditioning system may indicate the presence of mold, bacteria or other contaminants in the cars ac system. It is recommended to have your car’s air conditioning system inspected, tested and cleaned regularly to prevent the build up of these unwanted elements, ensuring a cold,fresh and clean air conditioning system in your car.

If your car starts to overheat, pull over to a safe location immediately and turn off the engine. Allow the engine to cool before checking the coolant level in the radiator, this is important as injury can occur if the engine is still to hot. If it’s low, add coolant as needed. If the problem persists, you can contact us on 08 9248 6056 and we can assist to identify and address the underlying cause of the overheating and coolant loss.

An unexpected increase in fuel consumption can be caused by a number of vehicle issues, such as a faulty oxygen sensor, blocked air filter, dirty or blocked fuel injectors, or problems with the ignition system. Regular servicing and computer diagnosis of your vehicle will reduce the chance of such issues and will help to maintain fuel efficiency. If your vehicle is using a lot of fuel please contact us on 08 9248 6056 to help identify and address the specific cause of the increased fuel consumption.

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At Westralia Car Care we invest continually in our workshop ensuring we keep up to date with the latest tooling and diagnostic equipment. Technological advancements in motor engineering require us to keep abreast of developments ensuring your vehicle is in capable and competent hands. We cater for Australian and European manufacturers alike and use quality parts, with over 25 years of experience and factory training you can rely on Westralia Car Care.
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